Not easy

As I am still waiting for Yukino-chan, I decided to work a little bit on skills as a photographer.

I never thought it could be so difficult (for me) to take real pictures. Last time, I used only the automatic settings from the camera as I didn’t want to make it too hard on myself on the first time.

Today, however, I wanted to be cool and play around. How naive am I…

My victim this time was a figure of Kaoru Kamiya (Samurai X), I got on Valentine’s day from my boyfriend some years ago. She was my very first figure and it made sense to me using her in this learning process of mine.

Kaoru Kamiya

I could never imagine that getting the right light could be so complicated. I struggled using too much or too little the whole time.

Kaoru Kamiya

I even hoped that a different background could help me a bit, but I didn’t get much far.

With Yukino-chan on the way, I sincerely start to doubt I will ever make it. Right now, the disappointed is huge. Let’s see if I manage to give it a try again in the next days, or if I give it up for good and leave it for the pros.

Kaoru Kamiya

P.S.: No post-processing was done on the pictures. I want to learn how walk before I start to run.

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