It is Hazuki’s turn

In this path of mine to learn how to photograph better, I have been helped by a lot of people. One of these people is balldylox that I know from forums and

After yesterday’s trial, I was a little bit disappointed and even feared I would never make any progress. Today, however, I feel that I took a small step forward.

I picked Hazuki from Moon Phase this time. I love this anime (who can resist Dimitri from Paris’ Neko Mimi Mode?).

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

It is still a path of trial and error for me, but I think that I start to get the idea behind the lights.

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

I wanted to play with the angles and test whether I was able to detect slip ups during the shooting.

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

This week ends with a positive balance. I am looking forward next weekend when I will again time to practice a little more.

* More pictures from Hazuki on my Flickr.

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2 responses to “It is Hazuki’s turn”

  1. Miette-chan says :

    This looks quite better than the previous attempts, the lighting seems to be working for you quite nicely as well.

    What I suggest you give a try next is to play a bit more with your camera settings, things such as white balance, exposure and macro mode. The latter being more for figures rather than dollfies.

    • Love Angel says :

      I am trying to figure the balance and exposure out, but so far, it has been mostly guessing. I still don’t know which settings I am supposed to use or when. It is a matter of trial and error at the moment, but I want to improve.

      Thanks for the hints!

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