Almost there

Yesterday before going to bed, I decided to check the status of my shipment from VOLKS.

I have been doing it many times throughout the day and even though I was already losing faith of welcoming her before Christmas, I gave it a try anyways.

Since November 2nd, there were no updates on EMS, but yesterday it was different: Yukino has arrived in the country!!! I am so happy.

It is true that it can take some time until she leaves the Customs office, but I feel that we are half way through already.

I will keep on checking the tracking number until she arrives and sharing any updates.

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2 responses to “Almost there”

  1. Miette-chan says :

    I remember when I bought Nanoha, I did not get to obsess over her delivery as I was away from home at the time. Once I got home though, that was the first package I wanted to open the most out all the things I had received while I was away.

    • Love Angel says :

      I don’t remember being so anxious for a package ever before in my life. Now that it is in country, I can at least sleep. But it will completely over only from the moment that I have her in my arms.

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