While I am waiting

To my despair, Yukino-chan is still at the customs office. This wait is crazy!

Besides some clothes, I have also received another I placed for her. It was a little welcome gift that I can hand in yet because the owner is still on her way home. *sad*

In order to pass time, I decided to practice photography on another figure from Hazuki I have.

Hazuki 2

This figure has a lot of details and I ended up struggling with the shadows.

Hazuki 2

I ended up going to a light background at the end.

Hazuki 2

As usual, tips are always welcome. On my Flickr, I posted more shots. Please let me know your favorites to help me improve.

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One response to “While I am waiting”

  1. Miette-chan says :

    I piece of advice I have in order to bring out the colors and details of the figure, the first is to try and use complementary colors to the figure color scheme. You will find that it will bring out the colors of the figures. Not necessarily something you have to do but just another thing to experiment with.

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