The wait is over!

After waiting for more than 3 weeks for her, today I was finally able to welcome Yukino-chan home.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

It is a pity that after a long day at work, I was way too tired to set up everything to take better pictures of her. However, I couldn’t wait any longer. So please bare with the quality of the shots.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

Even the invoice was special. How adorable is that? Thank YOU for making such beautiful daughters for us.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

Seeing Yukino on the box left me even more nervous. Now it was a matter of opening the box and getting her ready.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

I started with the small packages before getting to the real thing.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

Even Soubi was curious about his little sister.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

Finally, Yukino was dressed and ready for some souvenir pictures.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

I am looking forward the weekend when I will have the chance to make a better photo shoot of her.

Okaerinasai Yukino!

Thank you for reading.


* More pictures on my Flickr.

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8 responses to “The wait is over!”

  1. Miette-chan says :

    Such a familiar looking box!

    The long wait is over, now you get to struggle with the trails and tribulations that is dressing a DD and grooming the wig. Fun times, fun times.

    Anyways, I look forward to see what you do during the weekend.

    • Love Angel says :

      The wig already gave me a hard time yesterday and I didn’t even manage to get it well. >_<*

      Let the adventure begin!!

  2. Smithy says :

    Congrats on getting a DD Yukino!

    Knowing customs, hope the fee wasn’t too high. ^^;;

    • Love Angel says :


      Yeah. It was 155EUR…

      I was expecting something around that since I had to pay 112 for my Bayonetta figure some months ago.

  3. Saluli says :

    Yukino arrived! You must be very happy with your first DD!

  4. Shizuo says :

    Soubi, name your cat? sounds funny.

    btw, congrats with your Yukino 🙂

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