Posing for the first time

It is true that I took some pictures of Yukino on the day of her arrival. However, I don’t count those as a photo shoot. There was no setting, the lights were not good and there were more pictures of the box than of Yukino herself.

So to make it up, she did her official debut for the camera today.

Yukino's first photo shoot

I will probably repeat myself many times, but Yukino-chan is GORGEOUS! Her eyes are so beautiful and she has this sweet look that is simply moe.

Yukino's first photo shoot

For now, there will not be any fancy poses since her stand is still on the way. Even though we kept it simple, model and photographer did their best.

Yukino's first photo shoot

You will see that I have not figured out yet how to get her hair right. It is not only the wig, but it is the styling itself that is not simple. I am so afraid of damaging the curls… >_<*

Yukino's first photo shoot

To help Yukino feel at home, I got her a small teddy to keep her company. The rabbit is so sweet. It is so small that it fits her jacket’s pocket, but it is so cute that I could not resist it.

Yukino's first photo shoot

I hope you liked the pictures and mainly my beloved Yukino! I uploaded more shots on my Flickr. Hints are always welcome.

Yukino's first photo shoot

Until next time! またね!

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3 responses to “Posing for the first time”

  1. Shizuo says :

    Last pic Yukino looks gorgeous

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