Out of time

The past months have been really hectic for me. Last week however, things got ever busier.  And to make things worse, I got sick (cold, sore throat, fever, you name it).

Needless to say, when I manage to finally get home, I was worn out. I just sat on the couch like a potato.

The only action I had was updating my Picture of the Day project on figure.fm. It has become a challenge right away, but I am loving it.

Yukino and her best friend

So the idea is posting a different picture of Yukino every day for as long as I can make it. 🙂

Yukino at the park

I am making use of the opportunity to learn some on post processing. I have to say that it is not simple though. Sometimes what I like doesn’t seem to be what others like. That makes me admire even more those who catch the attention of the public with their photography.

Yukino at the park

Today it was the seventh day of the project and I am glad that I made it so far. Mainly because to wrap-up the week, I finally managed to get a shot of Soubi with Yukino-chan. My first family portrait with my babies.

Yukino & Soubi

I want to find a feasible way to update this blog more times in the week. In the mean time, feel free to stop by figure.fm or Flickr.

Thanks for reading. またね!

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