It is weekend!

Weekend has arrived and it makes me really glad.

Even though the week has started with me getting sick on Monday, I still managed to keep on with my Picture of the Day Project on Arigatou minna!


Each week, I am getting more and more visitors and supportive interaction. Knowing what people think about your “work” helps you improve and also gives you the feeling that your efforts are not in vain.

Yukino being adorable

I have been enjoying sharing Yukino’s adventures with everyone. Besides, I have the chance to become better in my picture taking skills. It is a lovely win-win situation! ^_^*

Wild hair

Slowly, I start to understand the mysteries of post processing as well. This allows me to “reinvent” some of the pictures I took of Yukino on her first days at home. I test the settings here and there until I discover the secret of magical photographers (like Haku1923, BlueBlueWave, Hololo, Danny Choo and many others I know).

Buggenhout Forest

Today, flan_man and I went to the Buggenhout Forest (Buggenhoutbos). It was great to be outdoors in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Yukino was with us too and she had lots of fun there too. Thanks flan_man for all the help once again!

See you next time.

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