Helping out

I have been in forums for so many years, but never had a Christmas card exchange organized in any of them. I got to know some people in person, but exchanging card was never on the menu.

This year, I joined the amazing people from the Dollfie Dreams forums and Yukino-chan help me out.

Christmas Cards

We were both excited with the whole preparation for the cards. It was only a pity that I didn’t have time to make any extras to send along. ごめんなさい。

Christmas Cards

Yukino-chan is a sweetie and loves to help whenever she can. (^_^*)

Christmas Cards

The cards were posted today and we hope they will arrive soon and that everyone will like them (including grandma in Brazil). They might be simple, but were prepared with lots of love!

Thanks for reading.


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5 responses to “Helping out”

  1. Heather says :

    Alna: YAY!!! Everyone will love them, I’m sure of it!!!

    (She is very excited about Christmas cards this year!)

  2. Loriann Artz says :

    Awesome writing style!

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