Playing with filters

In order to bring some fresh air to my pictures of Yukino-chan, I decided to play a little with Lightroom’s filters. It also added some mystery to the her new look, so it was double fun.

Yukino reading

Recently, I ordered an outfit from Nine9Style for her. It looks really nice, including the boots. So far, I have not had the best luck with the shoes I got for Yukino. This pair made me really happy.

So that is what she is reading

Together with the outfit, they sent a small magazine with some of their outfits. It looks really nice and I could not leave it without a photo shoot.

Yukino's new wig

The wig looks so sweet on her. Pink is one of my favorite colors and it is exciting to see how nice Yukino looks in it. (^_^*)


Thanks for reading!

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5 responses to “Playing with filters”

  1. Heather says :

    That’s really adorable, and those boots do look awesome! I’ve yet to try a 9Style outfit, but I love that they give you a tiny magazine too! What a great idea!!

    For shoes, I usually stick with Volks and Dollheart, they’re safe bets as far as fitting goes, lol.

  2. Ilvias says :

    Yukino looks lovely in her new outfit ^^ The pink wig looks good too!
    A new fashion victim has born? ^^

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