2012, here we go!

The end of 2011 was a busy one for me. Even though it was not busy in the sense that I wanted it to be, I made it to 2012!

Yukino and the plants

I am not a resolution person. I always associate the idea of “resolution” with a plan that will not last long enough. Many times, they are motivated by external factors and are full of enthusiasm, but lack content.

Yukino and Louise

In my case, I prefer to plan. It is not by chance that I describe myself as The Planner.

Yukino playing in the forest

As long as one does not get stuck in their plans, or lost whenever the smallest thing goes wrong, planning allows you to get “somewhere”.

Yukino on figure.fm

Danny Choo’s New Year’s message really got me thinking. Unfortunately, I am not skilled like him or people like Chun, Smithy, Kurai Kawai, Miette-chan, Leticia Ribeiro and Jamie Eason (just to name a few I admire). However, I have dreams. I know what I want for myself, for my life and my future. I also know what I do not want. And that is my start point for 2012.

Arrival in Ghent

Please bare with me in this journey throughout this leap year.

Yukino's last trip of 2011

Wishing you all a great 2012!!!

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9 responses to “2012, here we go!”

  1. Shizuo says :

    May your hope in this year goes well and as planned 🙂

  2. Smithy says :

    2012 let’s go! Yay! XD

    Haha, I’m not skilled at all, I’m just trying to have fun at hobbies like DD photography. Because having fun doing things like that is what matters most I think. ^^

    Didn’t make that much resolutions really though mostly the same as last year, some things that I still need to work on. ^^;;

  3. Miette-chan says :

    I share your view on new year resolutions, I’m more for short term goals to build up to a long term one.

    Also, thanks for the mention, feel a bit guilty since I haven’t really taken DD photos in such a long time.

    Hope you have a good year, improving your photography and taking pictures of Yukino.

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