And number 2 is…

Yes! Even though in the beginning I have said that I was going to stick with one DD for a long time, I have ordered my second one.

In fact, she is “already” here, after spending 2 weeks at the customs office, they finally tried to deliver her today. Unfortunately, as I was at work, I do not have her in my arms yet. Tomorrow, I am going to the post office first thing in the morning.

And who is my second DD?

It is pretty much a no-brainer, but I simply felt she was the sister Yukino needed.

Aoi’s first version had that angry face, but the second one is much lighter. A serious, but not aggressive girl (this is my humble opinion – I adore both versions anyway).

I am so excited about her!!! I already have some clothes waiting for Aoi to arrive.

I can’t wait to start taking pictures of the two sisters together!

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6 responses to “And number 2 is…”

  1. Smithy says :

    And then there were two. And as is the path of the Dollfie Dream side, someday there will be three. XD

    Congrats! ^^

  2. chun says :

    congrats 😀 your girl must be excited about her new friend XD

  3. Miette-chan says :

    Eh?! Another one, you just went down the slippery slope. XD

  4. Love Angel says :

    And I was one of those naive fans who said in the beginning that one was more than enough. 😛

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