On the move

I have been really busy lately. For the most part, it is because of work. Unfortunately, I haven’t found time to get back to my “normal” routine (which includes training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and going to the gym). However, I don’t lose heart. And not only I am going to be on the mat and on the gym floor really soon again, I am already planning further.

Hajimemashite. Aoi desu. Douzo yoroshiku.

On my first post of 2012, I already mentioned that I wanted to do some new things. The kick-off was my entrance to a photo contest (and if you haven’t voted yet, remember that you have until February 5th to do so). I also mapped this blog on a personalized domain (https://debbierodrigues.com/) and had a haircut.


Today, I came across an old blog entry I posted back in 2007 that reflects a lot of my spirit now. It reinforced the fact that I am not having just an impulse of excitement, that is who I am.

Yukino's new outfit

I hope to have some more news for everybody soon. And in the meantime, I continue doing my best to improve my photography skills.

Aoi & Yukino

Thanks for stopping by.

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2 responses to “On the move”

  1. Wiguan says :

    Ah~ I know how’s that “busy-ness” feel.
    I got a new job this new year, a good transition but it’s quite tiring to adjust to the new environment. ^^,

    Btw, your photography skill is not that bad.
    Perhaps just need to practice white balance, like the last photo.
    Yukino and Aoi look cute being together. 😀

    • Love Angel says :

      I indeed still struggle with WB. When I have more free time, I try to test different settings here and there, but lately, it hasn’t been the case. 😦

      Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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