Another step forward

While I received the (sad) news of me losing the photo shoot for a baby (who does not vote for a baby picture?!?), I was really excited yesterday for starting the course of Dreamweaver CS5.

I mentioned some time ago, that I had plans for 2012. It is true that the photo shoot played a role in it, but as it did not depend exclusive on me, there is little I can do. Studying however is different…

My idea was following the first semester of CS5, but apparently, I was the only one interested in starting it in February, so they suggested me giving a try with level 2.

I was sincere with the teacher. I do not even remember anymore when it was the last time I built a website. I had some pages on the time of geocities (the younger ones probably will not even know what it is), but that has been ages ago. In the past ten years, I have not done anything related to web design. He was a little bit skeptical in the beginning (which I would also be in his place), but after he noticed that I was following, he did not have problems about me staying.

Who knows when I will be able to start being creative, but I will surely share my doings with you as soon as possible.

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