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Feeling like moving forward

I did not check the customs today as it is weekend anyway. If they did not released Yukino last Thursday, it is not going to happen today (neither tomorrow).

It was really a pity because the weather was so beautiful! There were surely lots we could have done together if she were here.

As it was not possible, I grabbed the camera and got my Mio Nendoroid to pose for me.

Mio Akiyama

Needless to say that feedback is always welcome. 😉

Mio Akiyama

I am feeling more confident with the camera now. Despite knowing that there is still a lot to improve, I see some progress and begin to understand my possibilities.

Mio Akiyama

I think it is already time to start post-editing my pictures.

Mio Akiyama

Even though it might be a source of frustration in the beginning, it is probably worth a try. Waiting until I get expert in taking pictures to start would simply be a waste of time.

Mio Akiyama

To be continued…

* more pictures on my Flickr.

While I am waiting

To my despair, Yukino-chan is still at the customs office. This wait is crazy!

Besides some clothes, I have also received another I placed for her. It was a little welcome gift that I can hand in yet because the owner is still on her way home. *sad*

In order to pass time, I decided to practice photography on another figure from Hazuki I have.

Hazuki 2

This figure has a lot of details and I ended up struggling with the shadows.

Hazuki 2

I ended up going to a light background at the end.

Hazuki 2

As usual, tips are always welcome. On my Flickr, I posted more shots. Please let me know your favorites to help me improve.

It is Hazuki’s turn

In this path of mine to learn how to photograph better, I have been helped by a lot of people. One of these people is balldylox that I know from forums and

After yesterday’s trial, I was a little bit disappointed and even feared I would never make any progress. Today, however, I feel that I took a small step forward.

I picked Hazuki from Moon Phase this time. I love this anime (who can resist Dimitri from Paris’ Neko Mimi Mode?).

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

It is still a path of trial and error for me, but I think that I start to get the idea behind the lights.

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

I wanted to play with the angles and test whether I was able to detect slip ups during the shooting.

Hazuki - Tsukuyomi

This week ends with a positive balance. I am looking forward next weekend when I will again time to practice a little more.

* More pictures from Hazuki on my Flickr.

Not easy

As I am still waiting for Yukino-chan, I decided to work a little bit on skills as a photographer.

I never thought it could be so difficult (for me) to take real pictures. Last time, I used only the automatic settings from the camera as I didn’t want to make it too hard on myself on the first time.

Today, however, I wanted to be cool and play around. How naive am I…

My victim this time was a figure of Kaoru Kamiya (Samurai X), I got on Valentine’s day from my boyfriend some years ago. She was my very first figure and it made sense to me using her in this learning process of mine.

Kaoru Kamiya

I could never imagine that getting the right light could be so complicated. I struggled using too much or too little the whole time.

Kaoru Kamiya

I even hoped that a different background could help me a bit, but I didn’t get much far.

With Yukino-chan on the way, I sincerely start to doubt I will ever make it. Right now, the disappointed is huge. Let’s see if I manage to give it a try again in the next days, or if I give it up for good and leave it for the pros.

Kaoru Kamiya

P.S.: No post-processing was done on the pictures. I want to learn how walk before I start to run.


I love taking pictures, but I am more of a snapshot person. Lights, lenses, posing is not really my specialty. However, I would love to be able to photograph Yukino when she arrives.

There are some people who are born with the talent of registering beautiful moments. As I am not one of those lucky few, I have practice.

Today, I put aside my fear of failing miserably and decided to give a try with my Nendoroids. Even though I started with Konata Izumi, I like the ones with Louise better.

Louise - Zero no Tsukaima #61

She was a little impatient in the beginning and was not really happy with the background I chose for her.

Louise - Zero no Tsukaima #61

She even tried to put a spell on me. I was lucky it is not by chance that she is called Zero Louise. (°_°*)

Louise - Zero no Tsukaima #61

She calmed down a bit when I gave her a flower.

Louise - Zero no Tsukaima #61

But I ended up reaching her limit with my pranks and the poor thingie started crying. (T_T*)

Final impressions: I still have a lot to learn about photographing figures and dollfies. It is not easy, but I really enjoyed this little warm-up.

P.S.: If you want to see all the pictures of this photo shoot, please visit my Flickr.