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On the move

I have been really busy lately. For the most part, it is because of work. Unfortunately, I haven’t found time to get back to my “normal” routine (which includes training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and going to the gym). However, I don’t lose heart. And not only I am going to be on the mat and on the gym floor really soon again, I am already planning further.

Hajimemashite. Aoi desu. Douzo yoroshiku.

On my first post of 2012, I already mentioned that I wanted to do some new things. The kick-off was my entrance to a photo contest (and if you haven’t voted yet, remember that you have until February 5th to do so). I also mapped this blog on a personalized domain (https://debbierodrigues.com/) and had a haircut.


Today, I came across an old blog entry I posted back in 2007 that reflects a lot of my spirit now. It reinforced the fact that I am not having just an impulse of excitement, that is who I am.

Yukino's new outfit

I hope to have some more news for everybody soon. And in the meantime, I continue doing my best to improve my photography skills.

Aoi & Yukino

Thanks for stopping by.

2012, here we go!

The end of 2011 was a busy one for me. Even though it was not busy in the sense that I wanted it to be, I made it to 2012!

Yukino and the plants

I am not a resolution person. I always associate the idea of “resolution” with a plan that will not last long enough. Many times, they are motivated by external factors and are full of enthusiasm, but lack content.

Yukino and Louise

In my case, I prefer to plan. It is not by chance that I describe myself as The Planner.

Yukino playing in the forest

As long as one does not get stuck in their plans, or lost whenever the smallest thing goes wrong, planning allows you to get “somewhere”.

Yukino on figure.fm

Danny Choo’s New Year’s message really got me thinking. Unfortunately, I am not skilled like him or people like Chun, Smithy, Kurai KawaiMiette-chanLeticia Ribeiro and Jamie Eason (just to name a few I admire). However, I have dreams. I know what I want for myself, for my life and my future. I also know what I do not want. And that is my start point for 2012.

Arrival in Ghent

Please bare with me in this journey throughout this leap year.

Yukino's last trip of 2011

Wishing you all a great 2012!!!

Playing with filters

In order to bring some fresh air to my pictures of Yukino-chan, I decided to play a little with Lightroom’s filters. It also added some mystery to the her new look, so it was double fun.

Yukino reading

Recently, I ordered an outfit from Nine9Style for her. It looks really nice, including the boots. So far, I have not had the best luck with the shoes I got for Yukino. This pair made me really happy.

So that is what she is reading

Together with the outfit, they sent a small magazine with some of their outfits. It looks really nice and I could not leave it without a photo shoot.

Yukino's new wig

The wig looks so sweet on her. Pink is one of my favorite colors and it is exciting to see how nice Yukino looks in it. (^_^*)


Thanks for reading!

Outfit by Mommy

Last weekend, I decided to try making a dress for Yukino-chan. I used jade pixel’s pattern. For once, I was not that concerned about sewing. I just wanted to make something that Yukino could wear.

Outfit by Mommy

I used some linen I already had home. Last year, I started following sewing lessons. Even though I quit the course after a couple of months, I still have a lot of material at home.

Outfit by Mommy

The instructions are very clear and I did not have any problem following them. It was the very first I made a ruffle and I was a little nervous about it. However, everything went fine and I was able to finish it.

Outfit by Mommy

The neutral colors ended up bringing the best out of Yukino. I must admit that I did not even feel like post processing any of her pictures. I loved them so much that I let them as I took them.

New outfit in details

I have also made the other accessories she was wearing. I knitted the leg warmers as well as the scarf.

New outfit in details

Thanks a lot for stopping by and I hope you Yukino’s outfit as much as I have enjoyed making it.


P.S.: This is my 20th entry on this blog and I would like to share with you the quotation I just “received” from WordPress: “Easy reading is damn hard writing.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne

The very first Christmas card

Some days ago, I wrote here about Yukino-chan helping me out sending Christmas cards to other proud DD parents.

Yesterday, we received our very first card from the exchange!

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “Another package, Mommy? Is it more clothes?”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Love Angel: “No, no. This one is different. And it comes from further.”

Yukino: “Wow! It’s from the USA…”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “Let me find a better place to open it.”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “What’s it? It does not look like a letter either.”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “It is a Christmas card!!!!”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “And look, Mommy! I got one specially for me.”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “Both are so nice.”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino, Soubi, Love Angel and flan_man: “Thank you so much, Mitsuki and family! We loved it!”

Yukino got a Christmas card

Yukino: “It was my very first card ever. You made me really happy! Thank you from the heart.”

The package

Today, Yukino-chan and Soubi-kun found a package…

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino & Soubi: “Mommy, there is a package here.”

Yukino's school uniform

Soubi: “Is it for me?”

Yukino's school uniform

Love Angel: “No, Soubi, it is for Yukino.”

Soubi: “Blah!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “For me?!? Can I open it?”

Love Angel: “Of course!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Thank you, Mommy.”

Yukino's school uniform

Soubi: “Fast! I want to see it too!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “What’s inside?”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Wow! New clothes!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Can I put them on?”

Love Angel: “They are yours. Do what you like.”

Yukino: “Thank you.”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “It is gorgeous!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “It makes me feel like those pretty girls I see on the Internet.”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “It fits me perfectly!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “And look at the details…”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Not there, please. :$”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Thank you so much, Kuraikawai. Your clothes make look so nice!”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “Thank you for reading it.”

Yukino's school uniform

Yukino: “See you next time. Bai bai!”

P.S.: This photoshoot has been supervised and approved by Soubi-kun, the older brother.

Yukino's school uniform

It is weekend!

Weekend has arrived and it makes me really glad.

Even though the week has started with me getting sick on Monday, I still managed to keep on with my Picture of the Day Project on Figure.fm. Arigatou minna!


Each week, I am getting more and more visitors and supportive interaction. Knowing what people think about your “work” helps you improve and also gives you the feeling that your efforts are not in vain.

Yukino being adorable

I have been enjoying sharing Yukino’s adventures with everyone. Besides, I have the chance to become better in my picture taking skills. It is a lovely win-win situation! ^_^*

Wild hair

Slowly, I start to understand the mysteries of post processing as well. This allows me to “reinvent” some of the pictures I took of Yukino on her first days at home. I test the settings here and there until I discover the secret of magical photographers (like Haku1923, BlueBlueWave, Hololo, Danny Choo and many others I know).

Buggenhout Forest

Today, flan_man and I went to the Buggenhout Forest (Buggenhoutbos). It was great to be outdoors in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Yukino was with us too and she had lots of fun there too. Thanks flan_man for all the help once again!

See you next time.